Saturday Night Video: Andy Kirkpatrick Live On Stage

Andy Kirkpatrick in full flow on the DVD – When Hell Freezes OverUKC Gear, 02 Jul 2009© Dave Brown / Bamboo ChickenLast week I reviewed the new DVD of Andy Kirkpatrick's comedy show come climbing lecture; When Hell Freezes Over (UKC Review).I then spoke to Dave Brown (formerly of Hot Aches Productions, now of Bamboo Chicken Productions) and he has sorted out with some exclusive clips from the film. These aren't trailers, just bite size chunks of the actual DVD.We have two clips, the second one is being prepared and should be with us for next weekend. The first clip is below:VIDEO: Andy are currently rounding up exactly what is on offer for 2009 from the various climbing film companies and we'll be running a selection of film trailers hopefully next week. Keep your eyes peeled.When Hell Freezes Over is available from: Bamboo Chicken, HotAches Diesen Artikel inkl. Bilder auf anschauen