Sharma Sends Clark Mountain Project!

by Jack Geldard – Editor – UKC Chris Sharma – World´s Hardest Route? From the Big Up Blog: “The project was first scoped by Clark´s main developer, Randy Leavitt, over 10 years ago. He rapped down the line and put in some of the bolts, thinking somebody in the future could probably climb it…” “Years later Chris finally made it to Clark and was immediately inspired…” “…Chris returned to the States this summer fitter than ever and with full focus on the Clark Mountain project. About ten days ago he had a breakthrough attempt, getting a few moves below the lip of the cave. He called us to let us know he was close, and B and Coop flew out to try and catch the send. Last week it hit 100 degrees in Vegas, and conditions were not ideal for limit climbing, but on Thursday, 9/11 it all came together, he owned every hold, did every sequence exactly right, and topped out his hardest, proudest route.” The route which doesn´t yet have a name or a grade is certainly a contender for the hardest sport route in the world.In a recent interview published in the BMC Summit magazine, Niall Grimes asked Chris if there was something he hoped to achieve in the next five years, “a place you want to take climbing to?” Chris responded: “For me, if I could do that project on Clark Mountain, I´d be satisfied. It´d leave behind something that´d be a milestone in the world of climbing…”