Shelterbox Challenge

We have just received the following from endurancelife: There is a new team challenge on the calendar for 2006 that will not only test endurance and team work, but also has a social responsibility.  endurancelife have come up with yet another imaginative challenge to add to their growing list. The new Shelterbox Challenge joins a list of events which includes their classic multi-sport races, the 7x7x7 (7 days, 7 marathons, 7 ways), the Coastal Marathon and their popular Devon Coast to Coast adventure race. The Shelterbox Challenge, which takes place on the weekend of May 20/21st, is described as a unique team based adventure challenge that will push team work and endurance to the limit, and the charitable aim is to support Shelterbox. The charity deliver boxes containing the essential equipment and tools needed to provide shelter and warmth to those that need it most, in disaster areas around the world.The shelterboxes themselves are an integral part of the challenge; teams of 4 need to work together to transport a shelterbox across Dartmoor National Park over a 2 day period. And what?s more they must survive using the contents of the shelterbox during the 2 days. (The boxes will be equipped with tents, cookers, fuel, ropes and dry bags.) They must reach strategically located check points and in doing so overcome rivers, cliffs, woodland and vast expanses of Dartmoor moorland. The challenge will involve covering approx 50 miles whilst carrying/dragging/pushing everything you need to survive in a 30-40kg shelterbox. Entry for the 2 day event is only £50 and competitors are asked to raise as much sponsorship as is possible for Shelterbox (minimum £250 per person or £1000 per team). On-line fundraising functionality is provided through the event website making the fundraising process as simple as possible. The Shelterbox Challenge is open to mixed or single sex teams of 4 and endurancelife promise it will be challenging yet great fun. The event is being supported by the Royal Navy and will be held in the manner of all endurancelife´s events, so it will be fun, friendly will be followed by a large party! For more details and to book your place, please see