Slovenian hard core

Matej Sova did on 19.02.2002 the 2nd ascent of Martin Krpan (Martin Krpan was a enormously strong person from one slovenian story). The route was first climbed by Jure Golob last year and he graded it 8c+/9a. Martin Krpan combines the routes Strelovod (8c) and Konec Mira (8c/c+) in the Hladilnik sector of Misja Pec. Matej thinks that the route is at least 9a. Yesterday (24.03.2002) Uros Perko, after a couple of years and countless tries, grabbed the 4th ascent of Za staro kolo in majhega psa, 8c+, also in Misja pec. The route was climbed in 1992 by Tadej Slabe, repeated only by Pedro Pons and last year Urh Cehovin.