Slovenian update

Klemen Demsar reports: 1.The route called Strelovod, 8c, got two more slovenian repetitions. First by Matej Sova (12 tries) on 01.04 and second by Aljosa Grom on 03.04. (5 tries). Matej also did Marjetica, 8b/b+, (two tries) and Missing drink, 8b+, (four tries). Matej was 10th in the last European championships. Aljosa is the best slovenian competion climber, his best being a 3rd place in Imst, 1997. 2. Jure Golob opened a new route at Osp called Konec Mira, 8c/c+, – “end of space station Mir”. Jure is the best slovenian competion boulderer, with a victory from a WC in Cortina in his belt. Me and two more climbers were in Fontainebleau for 10 days. Urh Cehovin-Car was the best of us, sending Iceberg, 8a bloc, in two days, Alta, 7c+ bloc, in three tries (20 min) and Berezina 7c bloc.