Val Masino 2008: more Melloblocco for all!

The 5th Melloblocco, the largest bouldering meeting in the world, will be held in Italy's Val Masino from 08 to 11 May.

It's happened every year, for the last four years running. And the 5th edition of the Melloblocco will happen again from Thursday 8th May to Sunday 11 May. Once again Valle di Mello, the pearl of Val Masino, will become the focus for thousands of passionate climbers. Confirmation of this comes via the news threads on forums, by emails, or simply by word of mouth. And today, two weeks ahead of schedule, the tally of pre-registered (those who have said “yes, I'll be there”) has exceeded 1300.

They'll arrive in groups, alone, hitchhiking, by car and via all other possible means of transport. Young, extremely young and evergreens. All joining together to relive what has always been the main characteristic of the Melloblocco event: that relaxed and genuine festive atmosphere, climbing and nature. Because what happens at the Melloblocco is simple. Like a ritual. People lose themselves amidst the thousands of beautiful granite valley boulders and just climb.

All problems are difficult, but none are impossible. Everyone chooses his boulder, her problem. And the days progress in the cool shade of the magnificent Val Masino mountains, to the rythem imposed by Mother Nature. A game for both adults and children.

Bouldering is the essence of climbing, the most natural way upwards. You climb with the absolute minimum: a crash pad – the legendary mattress for boulderers – a pair of climbing shoes and a chalk bag. But the game wouldn't be complete without the others, who “spot” the falls and above all form a close-knit group of friends. Advice is shared on how to send a move. On how to solve a short but extremely difficult “line” which leads to the top of the boulder.

Friends challenge each other, but they always exalt when someone discovers a new “solution”. And the day draws to a close with the unmissable party (the La Sportiva Party) where everyone continues playing delicate games of balance, perhaps on the Slackline, the rope drawn tight for tightrope walkers.  

During the Melloblocco the valley echoes to the sounds of many different languages, but the one which prevails is the Esperanto of climbing and the passion for this game in the midst of nature. Boulderers are a motley coloured populous. Happy to climb and to climb together: champions, beginners and passionate amateurs.

Throughout all these years the inhabitants of Val Massino, the chosen land for climbing, have welcomed the boulderers as if they were part of their family. Perhaps thanks to the fact that the “Melloblockers” have always left the valley just as they found it.

It's also for this reason that the Val Masino Town Council is promoting the event. A project and an experience which demonstrates their desire to make this territory prosper and grow, while respecting nature. This too is what the Melloblocco is all about!

All of this and more will take place from 08 – 11 May in Val Masino during the 5th Melloblocco. A truly special event!

When: 8 – 11 May 2008
Where: Val di Mello / Val Masino
What is it: the largest bouldering meeting in the world
Who: for all passionate boulderers worldwide
What: climbing on the uncountable valley boulders
Organisation: Comune di Val Masino

The event is open to all and pre-registration is now possible via the official website

Evening program
Thursday 8 May – presentation of new bouldering guidebook “Mello Boulder” by A. Pavan, Versante Sud
Friday 9 May – filmshow  “Dove Finisce la Terra” by Marzio Nardi and Mauro Calibani
Saturday 10 May – The “Party La Sportiva” and the much awaited Slackline Contest

Tourist Office Val Masino:
tel: +39 0342 641117 – fax: +39 0342 640040

Porte di Valtellina Tourist Board:
tel +39 0342 601140 – fax +39 0342 619063