[VIDEO] Meagan Martin Athlete Spotlight

Pro climber and American Ninja Warrior Meagan Martin likes painting her nails as much as sending hard boulders in the mountains. She talks about competition climbing and takes on Whispers of Wisdom (V10) RMNP, Colorado. This is her story.

Louder Than Eleven Text

Meagan Martin is one of professional climbings most illusive competitors. Meagan burst onto the scene in the late 90's and then disappeared into the collegiate world of pole vaulting. After college Meagan decided to get back into the climbing game and it turns out she didn't loose any of her talent.

Within a few years she was back on the podium, as strong as ever. A true girly girl, but hardly one to shy away from a hard rock climb, she demonstrates her competition strength outside on one of Colorado's hardest boulders, Whispers of Wisdom (V10).

For American Ninja Warrior Meagan Martin, nothing slows her down and she thrives on the spotlight.

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