Speed Rock 2011 won by Alina Gaydamakina (RUS) and Stanislav Kokorin (RUS)

The 2011 edition of Speed Rock in Italy's Valle di Daone was cancelled due to heavy rains that led to unsafe wall conditions.

Speed Rock Men Valle di Daone is located beside the renowned Adamello-Brenta Nature Park in Trentino region, and the climbing event on the 25-meter long dam wall was the third leg of the 2011 IFSC Speed World Cup.

After the qualifying round, Russia's Stanislav Kokorin and Alina Gaydamakina were in the lead. They both had literally flown upwards and set new records (12.33 and 21.13 seconds, respectively), followed by Polish Lukasz Swirk and Russian Sergey Abdrakhmanov, and by Italy's Sara Morandi and Polish Edyta Ropek (three times winner at Speed Rock). Speed Rock Women

Finals were due to get on the wall this morning, but, as said, rain continued to fall all day and the eventual standings read as follows:

1) KOKORIN, Stanislav RUS 12,33
2) SWIRK, Lukasz POL 13,09
3) ABDRAKHMANOV, Sergey RUS 13,94
4) KOMOSINSKI, Jedrzej POL 14,27
5) VAITCEKHOVSKII, Evgenii RUS 14,28
6) SINITSYN, Sergey RUS 15,44
7) NIGMANOV, Zufar RUS 15,47
8) SHEVCHENKO, Arseniy RUS 16,41

1) GAYDAMAKINA, Alina RUS 21,13
2) MORANDI, Sara ITA 21,17
3) ROPEK, Edyta POL 22,98
4) LEVOCHKINA, Yuliya RUS 23,41
5) ALEKSEEVA, Ksenia RUS 23,92
6) YURINA, Valentina RUS 24,11
7) KRASAVINA, Maria RUS 24,20
8) BUD GUSAIM, Oleksandra UKR 24,51

QuelleMario Facchini