Spendenaufruf für die Tochter von Salavat Rakhmetov

Durch einen schrecklichen Unfall in der Türkei wurde die fünfjährige Tochter des russischen Boulderweltmeisters von 2005 sehr schwer verletzt und liegt im Koma. Nun braucht die Familie Geld für die Behandlung.

Salavat Rakhmetov 2005 in MünchenHier die Details von Mountain.ru:

Zalia. Help Salavat Rakhmetov's Daugther

A dreadful accident happened about a week ago in Turkey with Zalia, a daughter of Salavat Rakhmetov, famous boulderingist, he won World Championship 2005 in Munich at the age of 38. Sure, you've heard about him.

Salavat lead the pitch, his wife belayed, when huge block of rock fell down directly to their 5 y.o. daughter, she's still unconsciousness, in intensive care in a Turkish hospital, she has pulled through four surgeries (amputation of a hand, sewed big toe on a leg, stuck in the spokes of a broken arm and a leg).

But she needs one more heavy operation – damaged crashed skull fragments fell into the brain. Doctors are waiting for swelling of the brain reduces to allow the operation for removing these fragments.The problem is that her medical insurance expires tomorrow, and she's still not transportable because of the injuries.

Hospitalization can last from two weeks to a month. And the cost (w/o surgeries) will be approximately $74,000. Rent of a special aircraft for the transportation of Zalia home is about $49,000.In total she needs $123,000. If she's alive.

So let's try to co-ordinate and to find money for Zalia. It is not so easy, but all our children grow up near the cliffs.

Nachtrag vom 01.06.2010

Bank account payments in EURO
Bank: Sberbank (Operations Department)
Address: Moscow, Russia
Account number/IBAN: 42307978100020001331
BIC: 044525225
Account holder: Rakhmetov Salavat (Kipaevich)

Bank account payments in USD
Bank: Sberbank (Operations Department)
Address: Moscow, Russia
Account number/IBAN: 42307840900020002150
BIC: 044525225
Account holder: Rakhmetov Salavat (Kipaevich)

str. Chistyakovoy 8-59
Odintsovo 143005

Online transfer details:
Western Union – register online
Beneficiary:Rakhmetov Salavat (Kipaevich)
Additional information
Passport number:63 n. 8399932
Valid:28.04.2009 – 28.04.2014
Moscovskaya oblast, g. Odintsovo
ATTENTION: When you have received the Western Union transfer code, send it to the reference person Anna Piunova: info@mountain.ru

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