Sport Climbing round-up

A round-up of the going on´s in Europe and beyond… 8c+: Just another day in the office for many of Europe´s top climbers? Dani Andrada has done another 8c+ first ascent! The route has been named “El carnicero de rostof” and is situated in Cuenca, Spain.Dani Andrada is one of the top rock climbers in the world, living of little as he travels and climbs. He is the quaint essential climbing machine. During the last two years, Dani has put up (first ascents) 23 routes 8c+ or harder! Not to be outdone, Dani´s fellow spanish climbing machines, Patxi Usobiaga and Iker Pou have both climbed El Intento, 8c+/9a in Cuenca, Spain. Patxi Usobiaga climbed El Intento on only his fourth go! In the last month he has climbed six 8c´s and five 8c+´s . The most recent 8c+, “El carnicero del Rostock” in Cuenca he did on his third try…must be something in the spanish water..or wine. Not to be outdone, Pierre Bollinger (France) has done Mekka direct, 8c+ in Pfalz, Germany. This was his third 8c+ in a month. Source: www.8a.nuHard Ascents Down Under In early May, Monique Forestier (Australia) made the third ascent of Larger Than Life, a 40m outing graded 31 (8b) at Centennial Glen, NSW, Blue Mountains. This is the 7th climb of grade 31 (8b) or harder that Monique has sent, firmly placing her as one of the top female rock climbers in the world. Also in Australia, fellow countryman Garth Miller freed one of the hardest lines in the Southern Hemisphere. In mid-March he climberd ´One on One´ at Mini Ha Ha, Blue Mountains. He has put forward the grade of 33/34 (8c/8c+). He´s planning a trip to England soon so watch this space… Source: