Chris Sharma in "El Bon Combat" (9b/+) (c) Chris Sharma
Chris Sharma in "El Bon Combat" (9b/+) (c) Chris Sharma

Chris Sharma wrote on March 7, 2015 on Instagram:

“It was time to get back to the roots of climbing, travelling, having fun, being spontaneous and opening up to new inspiration. It’s interesting though, we always gravitate back to who we are. What’s the next step, where do we go from here?

Well if we are open to it, life has a way of guiding us along. My friend @marti_boncombat had a project that I’d heard about at Cova de Ocell 40 min from Barcelona and when I checked it out I was drawn back to and reminded of what my life has been about for so long; the lines that grab our imagination and inspire us to take our game up a notch, The King Lines.

Something created by Mother Nature as if it were designed to be climbed, perfect shapes, just barely enough to find a path up, something worthy of dedicating yourself to 200%. Since June I’ve tried this line and it’s reawakened my passion for straight up, at your limit, hard climbing.

After many Close calls and a ton of effort it finally came together today. So psyched to be back in the flow and very excited for more. And of course thanks to all the support from everyone who has been following and sending me good vibes and messages! Stay tuned for the video soon!”

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Only two weeks ago Chris wrote on Instagram

“After many months of working out the subtleties of this beautiful line by @marti_boncombat it feels like it’s in the home stretch. The last two days on the route I fell on the last moves. Its a dream route with some very technical, powerful moves that require a lot of coordination and muscle memory.

With so many low percentage moves, everything has to be just right , you have to be amped but let it flow effortlessly. It could go down next try or next year. Uff. Lets hope it’s not the latter.”

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