KANGAROO Chalk Bag von Hanchor
KANGAROO Chalk Bag von Hanchor

Hitting the gym? Use the KANGAROO in chalksock mode and you’ll get a perfect layer of chalk each time with no dust in the air or in your belayer’s eyes.

Heading outdoors? When conditions are bad and you need all the chalk you can get,  just switch KANGAROO into regular chalkbag mode and grab all the loose chalk you need.

Weight: 115g
Dimension: 10cm*10cm*17cm
Material: CORDURA 420D


  • Chalksock is designed to fit hands big and small
  • Fabric chosen to dispense chalk with  just a light touch
  • KANGAROO features dual mode chalkpouch that can switch from chalksock to free chalk mode
  • Always in the same easy-to-reach place – no hunting for a chalkball
  • Won’t fall out no matter what happens
  • Easier to fill than a chalkball
  • No chalkdust in your belayer’s eyes
  • Throw it in your bag without chalk getting everywhere
  • Saves you chalk

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Mode 1 -Built-in chalk sock

Built-in chalk sock is a new concept and there are 2 important tips before use!

Tip 1:  The chalk sock is not prefilled with chalk, so the chalksock should be filled and used for a bit to let the fabric fill out with chalk. Squash it repeatedly so that it allows a flow of chalk. It will be getting better after several times of use.

Tip 2: The chalk sock is larger than traditional chalk ball. Thus, if you need more solid grip, fill more chalk! You can also put small ball or flossy toy inside the chalk sock to provide better grip.

Mode 2 – Loose chalk mode  

Step1: Add chalk.
Step2: Hook the pouch to the opposite side of the chalk bag.
Step3: Direct access to loose chalk.

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Video: KANGAROO und HULA Chalk Bags

About the Hanchor Chalk Bags

Every climber knows how important chalk is, yet up till now – there have been shortcomings with existing chalkbag designs.

Loose chalk gives uneven coverage – you get chalk caked on your fingers yet there’s not enough on your palms. Loose chalk is also a mess – a lot of it ends up on the ground or blown into the air — a waste and not environmentally friendly whether you’re outdoors or in the gym. Chalkballs are an improvement, but they’re not perfect. They move around so they’re not always where you want them, and they fall out easily.

That’s why HANCHOR has come up with a new kind of chalkbag. By integrating a chalksock,  you get the benefits of a chalkball  – a perfect layer of chalk all over your hand – without the issues: HULA and KANGAROO.

QuelleCelia Liang, Fotos: Hanchor