Alex Megos (c) M. Schaefer
Alex Megos (c) M. Schaefer

And you could be one of them!

RocUp Holidays was set up by professional coach Robin O’Leary.

“It’s a really exciting time for climbing, with the industry growing so fast. We aim to make RocUp Holidays a recognisable brand worldwide- we’ve already had bookings from the US, Sweden and of course, the UK.”

“We set up RocUp Holidays because we wanted to offer ‘normal’ climbers the chance to climb with the super stars of our sport,” explains Robin “and we wanted to do this whilst offering the best possible value for money.”

With an amazing team of resident coaches (team GB climbers Ben West and Leah Crane), a superstar climber, transfers, accommodation, breakfast and lunch, a RocUp Holiday is one of the best value climbing holidays on the market.

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The ultimate value for money though, Robin believes, will be in almost every client onsighting and red-pointing their best ever climb:

“My first trip to Kalymnos was with Neil Gresham years ago. Every person on that trip sent their hardest ever climb. We were blown away. Neil’s ability to bring out the best in us inspired me to become a professional coach myself, and nowadays I have similar success stories with my own clients.

Professional coaches are a massively untapped resource in the climbing world. People often say “I don’t need coaching”, but the truth is that most climbers aren’t reaching their full potential, and stay mostly within their comfort zones, whether that’s 6a or 8a. A great coach can take a climber to the next level, allowing them to enjoy the sport even more and helping them to achieve whatever goals they have. Many climbers work hard to become better but results can be slow. With myself, Leah, Ben and one of our rock star climbers, we will be able to identify and work on your weaknesses and abilities fast.

I asked Leah and Ben to join RocUp because I believe they are the elite in the new era of professional coaches, with shed loads of experience, insight and psyche. A team of great coaches is your best tool for crushing outdoors on holiday, which for many is their most precious week of climbing all year.”

Leah, Ben and Robin are RocUp Holidays resident coaches, but each week the main attraction will be a new rock star flying in.

Magnus Mitdbø, from Norway, is one of a only 5 people ever to have sent the elusive grade of 9b. Answers on a postcard for who the other 4 would be. RocUp approached him because of his passion and intense motivation- which we hope will teach us a thing or two, and his experience of hard redpointing and coaching various clubs. His holiday is from the 12th to the 19th September:

“I like being able to share what I have learned over the years and use my experience to help others” says Magnus, “There is no right or wrong way to climb. Everyone has their own style of climbing and different needs when it comes to training. To help people find their way of becoming a better climber is what makes coaching so interesting to me and that’s why I’m looking forward to coaching in Kalymnos.”

Magnus’ trip is for climbers who are most likely to benefit from his expertise, therefore RocUp have set an ability level of F7a upwards to join his trip.

The next trip is with Alex Megos, from Germany. Alex is the first person ever to onsight 9a. Again, his holiday from the 19th to the 26th September is for climbers of f7a ability and upwards. RocUp approached him because he is fast becoming the best climber in the world, and having the opportunity to learn from him is incredibly unique!

“Kalymnos is just one of these perfect places to hang out. ​There is a ton of rock within maximum 30 min of walking and ​there is so much more rock to be discovered and developed. ​The sea is right next to the rocks in 1 hour you can send your ​project and go down to the beach to take a swim. The weather ​is great, the people are amazing, helpful and friendly, and the ​food ​is incredible as well! You just get the whole package!”

Lastly, Sierra Blair-Coyle‘s holiday is for climbers of all abilities with previous outdoor experience. Sierra is a seriously good climber and a great balance to Alex and Magnus, with loads of coaching experience too.

“I love being able to help people become better climbers. It’s crazy how just a little bit of beta or another person’s perspective can not only help a person send a problem, but improve their climbing level as well. I have coached children and adults, in a team setting and individually. I’m so excited about coaching my group in Kalymnos!”

All three holidays take place this September and include:
7 nights accommodation at the Hotel Plaza
Breakfast and packed lunch
Transfers to and from Kos airport
2 days coaching with resident RocUp coaches
3 days climbing with your chosen rock star and resident coaches

Secure your place now with only a £200 deposit at

Week 1: 12th to 19th September with Magnus Midtbø
Week 2: 19th to 26th September with Alex Megos
Week 3: 26th September to 3rd October with ️Sierra Blair-Coyle

Contact or book now at

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