Stanage Erosion Control Update

Update on the erosion project at Stanage Boulders provided by Julian and Trudi. The last visit was on the 10th March 2006. We´re getting there with the rock. Not much more to take up. We may go again on 31st March weather and health permitting (I´m poorly). The green boulder is still complete and not looking too bad, if I do say so myself. We currently plan no further work on this one. We bumped into Bill on the last visit and after some discussion about placing channels and how much restoration would actually work we have made a channel that runs down the most obvious route from where the water runs off the boulder. Large stones embedded in the ground should prevent it from coming around the front of the boulder and we´ve then spread the loose rock around to a reasonable level. We shall review this at the next visit and maybe fill it in a bit more. We believe that the erosion caused by water coming off the boulder itself will not benefit from repair. (If anyone has any other thoughts let us know). The pebble has a fairly large semicircular area of erosion that we have filled in and may have been contributed to by spectators and spotters. We discussed with Bill the idea of returfing this area and he agreed that we could take sods (no not John H) from other areas (no more than a square foot or so from one place) and work our way in towards the boulder. If we do this (and we want a view from the meeting), we´d have to cordon off the turf to allow it to bed in. Initially this would not affect access to the boulder, but depending how it goes, and if the turf takes, we would want to try and limit access to parts of the pebble. It´s hard to explain in a document, but we´re willing to explain at the meeting. Initial reports suggest that boulderers would be quite happy with a ban of up to two months! I think we should also give our thanks to Bill Gordon for assisting, advising, carrying rock and generally letting us dig up his garden! Hope this all make sense and provides a suitable update. Julian & Trudi ———————————————————————– If you have any news worth reporting please contact Matt – / 0114 2969114 ———————————————————————–