Success for 1st Paraclimbing World Championship in Arco

After having crowned the new Paraclimbing Speed World Champions yesterday, the city of Arco, in Trentino region, assigned gold medals to paraclimbers in Lead competition, today.

Mineo OnoAthletes with different grade of disability took part in the event. They came from 11 countries and eventually Matteo Stefani (ITA), Tatiana Panova (RUS), Paula De La Calle Pizarro (ESP), Dilyara Rakhmanknlova (RUS), Valentyna Kurshakova (UKR), Ricardo Pérez Amado (ESP), Sebastian Richter (GER), Andras Szijarto (HUN), Mineo Ono (JPN), Boyu Xia (CHN), Mikhail Saparov (RUS) and Koichiro Kobayashi (JPN)  have conquered the first Paraclimbing Lead World title.

No matter if you're an arm, leg or even both legs amputee, it doesn't matter if you're totally or partially blind, you've got a wheelchair, and so what? Climbing is for all and an event such as the 1st Paraclimbing World Championship has been a clear demonstration of how sport, and climbing in particular, is barrierless and able to unify and involve everyone.

“The Italian World event was another great step for sport climbing”, claimed IFSC Vice President Aleksandr Piratynski, “and these two championships here in Italy celebrated climbing as a unique discipline for all”.

The 11th Climbing World Championship continues tomorrow at 3pm with the Lead Female Qualification Round. Austria's Eiter, Ernst and Stöhr (Boulder Gold a few days ago), Russia's Bibik and Malamid, South Korea's Kim, France's Ciavaldini and Dufraisse, Digiulian and Johnson of the US, Japan's Kobayashi, Slolvenia's Markovic, Gros and Vidmar, and Italy's Avoscan, Valsecchi and Lavarda are among the strongest athletes of the respective teams. RESULTS MEN

  • Amputee Arm Pd: 1) Mikhail Saparov (RUS) 1.00
  • Amputee Both Leg Pd: 1) Boyu Xia (CHN) 1.00
  • Amputee Leg Pd: 1) Mineo Ono (JPN) 2.00; 2) Urko Carmona Barandiaran (ESP) 2.00; 3) Alexander Biermann (GER) 2.00; 4) Günther Grausam (GER) 4.00; 5) Oliviero Bellinzani (ITA) 5.00
  • Complete Neurologic Leg Disability PD: 1) Sebastian Richter (GER) 1.00
  • Arthritis and Neurological Pd: 1) András Szijártó (HUN) 0,97; 2) Matteo Masento (ITA) 1,59; 3) Alessio Cornamusini (ITA) 2,94; 4) Jose Miguel Delgado Barroso (ESP) 3,43; 5) Philippe Ribière (FRA) 4,71; 6) Vladzimir Virt (BLR) 4,87; 7) Maurizio Marsigli (ITA) 5,20; 8) Matteo Alberghini (ITA) 5,38; 9) Renzo Lancianese (ITA) 8,01; 10) Sergey Pynka (KAZ) 9,50
  • Visual Impairment B1: 1) Matteo Stefani (ITA) 1.87; 2) Manuel Cepero Gutierrez (ESP) 2.65; 3) Roman Kostakiov (RUS) 3.24; 4) Kenji Iwamoto (JPN) 3.74; 5) Noriaki Komatsu (JPN) 4.18; 6) Alessandro Causin (ITA) 4.95; 7) Oscar Domínguez Negreira (ESP) 6.48
  • Visual Impairment B2: 1) Koichiro Kobayashi (JPN) 1.73; 2) Masayoshi Idomoto (JPN) 1.73; 3) Simone Salvagnin (ITA) 2.45
  • Visual Impairment B3: 1) Ricardo Pérez Amado (ESP) 1.00; 2) Domingo Carretero Campon (ESP) 2.00


  • Amputee Arm Pd: 1) Paula De La Calle Pizarro (ESP) 1.00
  • Visual Impairment B1: 1) Rakhmanknlova Dilyara (RUS) 1.00; 2) Silvia Parente (ITA) 2.00
  • Visual Impairment B2: 1) Tatiana Panova (RUS) 1.00Arthritis and Neurological Pd: 1) Valentyna Kurshakova (UKR) 1.00
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