Summer orienteering festivals part 1

Every year there are a number of big festivals organised around the world which attract thousands of participants of all ages. Some last one or two days, others up to two weeks. Some are very low key affairs, such as the TAKAS 5 day competition which attracts around 1000 people each year, others are very definitely major events, such as the Swedish Oringen which regularly attracts over 15,000 people. Here is part 1 of a brief rundown on the summer festivals so far. KAPA 3 day (30th June – 2nd July) The annual Latvian multiday competition was this year held in Straupe. Mostly a Baltic affair, there were only a handful of Brits flying the flag. The top results were 11th in Women´s elite for Becky Carlyle, 18th and 20th in men´s elite for Paddy Walder and Duncan Grassie respectively. Peter O Connell was 5th in mens 40D, Ian Wilson and Ian Bell were 17th and 20th in mens 40L. For results etc click here TAKAS 5 day (3rd – 9th July) Often the next stop for athletes after the KAPA, TAKAS is Lithuania´s summer orienteering festival, and attracts more overseas competitors. This year it was held in conjunction with the Junior World Orienteering Championships, and so the numbers were swelled by supporters and spectators. Top results were 1st place in Men´s elite for Graham Gristwood and 2nd place in mens 10- for Sasha Chepelin. Becky Carlyle was 8th on women´s elite. Have a look at the website here or find the results here