Tessino, the low-down

Dave Graham and friends have spent the last few weeks in Tessino, Switzerland. This is the story about what´s been going down so far… Chironico: Soucoupe 8B – three tries NO Name “8B” by Fred Nicole- flash (Dave thinks more like 8A or 7C+) – some Fred Nicole 8A, two tries Deep red new Bernd Zangerl 8A – couple of tries – maybe five problems between 8A and 8B he did last year Cresciano: La Proue 8B – couple of days Un Ange avec des Cornes, 8B, new Bernd problem right of La Proue, “bad ass problem” – couple of days – Fred Nicole traverse graded 8B, couple of tries, maybe a bit easier La Pelle directe 8A+, – one session Xplosion 8A, couple of tries Recipe for Disaster, “very cool project climbed first by Randy Puro and seconed by Dave, maybe 7C and “SOOOOOOOOO SCCCCARRRRRRRY, it needs 3 bolts”. – some 7C+ Kirk Windstein, 8B, two tries, Dave thought maybe 8A or 8A+ Secret Spot: Eehoo 8B, FA, one afternoon, “really cool, bad ass rock” Wizards and dreams 8A+ FA Great peril 8A FA Sting 8A FA The molemen 8A+ FA Isaac Caldiero has done Xplosion 8A at Cresciano and Sting 8A, he´s been in Tessino 1 week Dave has been trying Dreamtime, but keeps falling on the jump, but he gets there all the time. “I can do the stand up a bunch, so tik tok tik tok tik tok”… Michi and Ivan Tresch have been bustin out some shit as well. Sustenpass: Michi did Reve de frere 8B, Sputnick 8B FA and Reykjavik 8A+/8B (FA Ivan). Ivan did Sputnick and Reykjavik Cresciano: Michi did La proue 8B, La Pelle 8A+, Vent sombre 8A, Reve de Mario 8A, La Boule 8A, Frank´s wild years 8A+ Ivan did Frank´s wild years, Reve de Mario, La Boule, Vent sombre, Nuff said! Oh yeah, one thing! The Dave G interview we´ve been promissing you will be up in… let´s say soon.