The Edge Bouldering League Results

Below are the final results from The Edge Bouldering League 2005/06. If your wall ran a similar league and you´d like to see the results here on planetFear please email them to RockSport Bouldering League 2005/06 Final ResultsPlease Note: Final results are calculated using climbers? best 3 scores from the whole competition series Men?s Category 1st Place = Nic Sellars   567 1st Place = Neil Mawson  567  3rd Place  Adrian Berry  553  4th Place Ned Fehally  552 5th Place Nicolas Ecoffet  538 6th Place Sam Wittaker  530 7th Place Ben Morton  528 8th Place Roy Mosely  521 9th Place Nigel Smart  468 10th Place  Robin Wood  459 Women?s Category 1st Place Emma Twyford  385 2nd Place Katy Whittaker  383 3rd Place Siobhan Coughlan  364 4th Place Naomi Chamings  328 5th Place Katherine Sellars  263 6th Place Helen Kean   186 7th Place Elinor Currey  182 8th Place= Lily Fitzgibbon  90 8th Place= Rosie Simnett  90 10th Place Joan Mulloy   80 Prizes: Prizes are awarded to 1st, 2nd and 3rd places in each category. See Percy to collect your prizes. Special FiveTen prizes are awarded to the 5th and 10th placed climber in each category. Again, see Percy to collect these prizes. Arc?Teryx have kindly also provided prizes for the following competitors whose scorecards have been pulled out of a hat! If your name appears below, please contact Percy to collect your prizes. Keith Turton, Elinor Currey, Richard Draisey, Naomi Chamings, Garan Comely And Next Year… Proposal for Edge Bouldering League, 2005-06 Competition rounds will take place on Friday evenings over the winter. Proposed dates are: 18th November 16th December 13th January 17th February Each event will have 2 sessions, one at 1630 and one at 1900. Cost will be £6 per entrant per round. Prizes. League prizes will be as follows First Place Male and Female One year´s free admission to The Edge Second place Male and Female 3 months´ free admission to The Edge Third place Male and Female 1 month´s free admission to The Edge Top three in the league from male and female category will also win some product prizes from the event sponsors. Special prizes (awarded by 5:10) Fifth Place Make and Female Free pair of 5:10 shoes Tenth Place Male and Female Free pair 5:10 shoes There will be some small spot prizes available for each round, awarded at the judge?s discretion for particularly valiant attempts on a problem, or particularly stupid incidents!