by UKC Gear ´Are you creative?´, we asked and 53 climbers responded with a resounding yes. The brief was to design FOUR graphic adverts for any products from either La Sportiva, Petzl or Beal. Frank Bennett and Paul Cornthwaite of Lyon Equipment said, “We are really impressed with the quality of the adverts. Judging hasn´t been easy. There´s some great talent out there and we appreciate the time it took for each of the 53 climbers to design their adverts. Yes we could tell you are all climbers as the designs featured an understanding of what the gear is about, and how it used on the cliff or mountain.” Read an introduction to the winners here: WINNERS: The Lyon Equipment Design A Banner Competition The winners of the competition are here: THE FOUR WINNERS: The Lyon Equipment Design A Banner Competition Latest Competition Enter our latest competition the Marmot “On Sight” Film Clip Competition. with over £1,000 worth of Marmot gear up for grabs HERE including an Exclusive Preview of the Posing Productions film ON SIGHT