The Graham report

Dave Graham is cranking again. He says the finger still hurts but it works. Since the last time we heard from him, he´s opened The Foùn, 8c+, at the Boki. he says: “it felt really hard, and it took six tries, but this thing is all about how it looks. The route goes out this 40 meter blue wave; in a big swoop…oneof the coolest things I have ever seen, let alone climbed.” 2nd ascent of L`appel de la foret, 8c+, in 6 tries in Basel FA of Lonely Low Lifestyles, 8B+, in Sustenass “brilliant new fresh hard problem and it only took one hour to send, my best effort at that level for sure.” Voigas, 8B, at Magic Wood. Aisha, 8a+, onsight, 40 meters, 24 draws! Decadencia, 8a+, flash in Basel