The new story of Ikarus and Daedalus

6 years after he first began piecing together the big project on the Traumland block at the Sustenpass, Martin Keller has finally made the first ascent of Ikarus/Daedalus. It's been an epic story of ups and downs, which is most excellently described in his blog, Swizzy bouldering.Martin Keller on Ikarus/DaedalusBjörn Pohl – UKC, Oct 2010© Angela WagnerAbout the difficulty of the whole thing, Martin says “…it can be put it in pieces and compared to others: IKARUS is arround a 7C+ linking into a hard 8A – that's about the same numbers as the “neverendingstory” in avers [Magic wood] – just the other way round and may even more physical. The next 5 moves to gain the easy topout-part are “just” around 6C/7A and from the bottom one could think that this ads “arithmetically” nothing to the “NUMBER”, but for me it was a BIG diffrence. Up to IKARUS I climbed super safe and controlled. The next 4 “easy” moves I was totally out of controll and my “flight” up DEADALUS nearly “crashed”.So can it be the SAME grade?!Martin Keller on Ikarus/DaedalusBjörn Pohl – UKC, Oct 2010© Angela WagnerDifficulty-wise it was something totally different but as grades have “depth” its maybe the same grade. But where is the line between the grades? And if a grading-scale can not tell me such an obvious difference in difficulty, then I just dont need such a “tight” grading-system! It would be enough to state that DEADALUS is a hard 8th grade boulder. Diesen Artikel inkl. Bilder auf anschauen