The planetFear ´Mid Summer Challenge´

In June 1967 Chris Bonington and Mike Thompson made a 24 hour triple-ascent of Centurion on Ben Nevis, Central Buttress on Scafell and White Slab on Snowdon (Cloggy).Ron Fawcett will forever be remembered for his insane 100 extremes in a day and traverse of Stanage.In June 2006 John Arran and planetFear´s Shane Ohly upheld tradition with their third Mid Summer Challenge: the 10 routes described in On Peak Rock?s Esoterica chapter in 24 hours. Their previous challenges had been 500 routes in a day in 2003, and 100 extremes solo in a day in 2004.* In recognition and encouragement of such audacious feats of endeavour, planetFear have established the Annual Mid Summer Challenge. Now you have the chance to undertake your own challenge and win a fabulous new trophy in the process. The Rules. When? 2 weeks either side of Midsummer Day What? Any worthy rock climbing (related!) challenge. Small Print: Entrants must be able to provide evidence of their achievement. Preferably photos, video and independent witnesses.** A route can be climbed up or down. All routes must be declared, along with their style of ascent.Guidelines: Any or all of the following will be considered by the judges; in no particular order of importance: difficulty, gnarliness, team effort, unisex team, inclusion of running and / or biking, exclusion of driving or other powered transport, number of routes, height ascended / descended, originality, environmental awareness, multi-disciplines, outrageousness and audaciousness. Basically the winner will be the challenge completed in the best style that encorporates the above.*** Judges: Ron Fawcett, John Arran and Shane Ohly ? official Challenge Gurus.In Return: To enter the competition you?ll need to send us a 250 word (or more) summary of your challenge along with a photo of yourself / team. These must be received by planetFear by June 1st 2007. Once you have completed your challenge just email us with the final details. planetFear retain the right to use any words and photos submitted on the website. If you win you will be expected to write an account of your challenge which will be published on the website, which you will be paid for. The Prize: A stunning and unique ´Challenges Trophy´ engraved with the winners name(s). Recognition and fame beyond your wildest dreams!!! Send your planned challenges to Disclaimer: You know the score. Climbing can be dangerous. Any challenge that you undertake is done so at your own risk. * Actually Shane only managed 73, but he put in a mighty fine effort as most were onsight. ** We?re sorry that the rules have to be so strict, but we think that the prize is worth protecting from fraudsters. *** Must also be alive at the end of it! Further reading: Adrian Berry?s article on Mid Summer Challenges. John Arran?s feature on the Esoterica Challenge. John Arran?s feature on the Longest Day. UKC Threads on Challenges: North Wales | General | Scottish | Crazy Midsummer