The planetFear Mid Summer Challenge

The PlanetFear Mid Summer Challenge In recognition of many of the worthy Mid Summer challenges of recent years planetFear are this year issuing a trophy to the best challenge of 2007. Not exactly climbing based, but still fulfilling many of the requirements of the challenge planetFear users Hilary Bloor and and Paul Reeve are to attempt to cycle the 6 mountain stages of the 2007 Tour De France in the same time scale as the actual route. Difficult enough for experienced cyclists, let alone two relative novices… Dates 24th June ? 2nd July 2007 Team motto We?re going to complete this challenge ? so it?s up to us to do it and with smiles on our faces! Bikes Light, fast, lots of carbon fibre and very very expensive! Training Numerous laps of the Peak District including all the classic climbs ? Winnats, snake pass, Holm moss, cat and fiddle etc we have target times for all the killer climbs! And mountains of FOOD. Back-up team Our back-up team consists of two fantastic multi-talented people who will follow us all the way. They will be acting as the team manager / nutritionist / driver / masseur / doctor (and drug advisor ? only joking!) and photographer (to provide evidence of the challenge). Style This challenge is enormous, especially as we are new to biking (eg we have only just ditched the stabilizers!). We predict we will be cycling for 10 hours a day over the most grueling mountain passes in Europe! Whereas the tour predicts riding for about 5hrs a day! We will cycle all the mountain stages and sleep in the back-up vehicle between the Alps and the Pyrenees.The end Collapse with a beer and tired legs in front of the TV and enjoy watching the Tour de France and someone else riding up and down those bloody mountains! If you have a challenge you are planning to attempt let us know… See details