The Promise – Ground Up – (VIDEO)

Dec 8: The Promise – Ground Up – (VIDEO) by UKC News The Promise saw three ground-up ascents this weekend at the hands of Pete Robins and Ben Bransby. Yes, that´s right, Three. Pete led the route twice.The grade has now settled* at E7 7a (Font 7b+) and almost saw another ground-up ascent, when Jack Geldard´s hand kept tickling the final hold. The crucial runner has now held around 20 falls and has been deemed “bomber”. [*Edit: We thought E7 7a.It has been brought to my attention that the grade may be E8 7a.After chatting at the crag I felt happy reporting E7, as that was the experience we had. – Jack Geldard] John Roberts followed up their efforts with a headpoint ascent after some pre-practice earlier in the week. He even managed to kick out the solitary runner on his lead attempt for extra excitement. A full write-up and post match analysis (With Photos and Video) is available HERE * NB: Ground-up means climbing a route without top-rope or abseil inspection. More info HERE For more photos see Keith Sharples´ blog