The Queen Versus Dave Turnbull On Christmas Day

by Mick Ryan Dave Turnbull, CEO of the BMC, will be giving the first BMC Christmas Address to the climbing and hill walking nation at 3 o´clock on Christmas day, going head to head in a ratings war with the Queen. Whether you are just about to sit down for turkey or are tucking into mince pies, tune into at 3pm and watch Dave Turnbull give an overview of what the BMC have achieved for climbers and hill walkers, all mountain sport enthusiasts, in 2007 and what lies ahead in 2008. King George V was initially hesitant when he gave the first Christmas message by the ´untried medium of radio´ in 1932 but the BMC have no qualms about using the well tried-medium of the internet to reach climbers and hill walkers, and hope that this will be the first of many such BMC Christmas Addresses. If you go to the News page or the Rocktalk forum at at 3pm on 25th December there will be a link to the BMC Christmas Message hosted at If you are out on the hill, no worries, this being the internet the BMC Christmas Message will be available to watch after 3pm on Christmas day as well.