The sends

Here are some unreported (by me) ascents from the last weeks:- Natalija Gros has repeated Les Beaux quartiers, 8A, at Rocher de Bouligny, Fontainebleau.- Bernhard Schwaiger has made yet another 8B+ FA in the Saalachtal. Invasions is a short, powerful and dynamic problem in steep terrain.- Dai Koyamada keeps delivering. Nothing that spectacular, but his ticklist is getting more impressive by the day, even though the weather hasn't exactly been on his side. Lately he has done Soilwork, 8A+/B, Baby mammoth, 8A+/B, and, I think, Conquistador, 8A+. Japanese is such a fascinating language. I get the feeling it's very poetic, but unfortunately it makes the automatic translations very difficult to understand… About The story of 2 worlds, Dai says that it's not 8C for him, but rather 8C/+ or 8C+. If we'd call this 8C, most 8B+'s and 8C's would have to be downgraded. This is exactly the conclusion Dave Graham came to, but he felt, and still feels, that's exactly what should be done.The second end from Pierre Délas on Vimeo.- Stéfanie Crouvizier has repeated Ultimate doom, 8b+, at Castillon near Nice and also The second end, 8b, at La Turbie (the route Enzo flashes in the video).Photo1: Natalija Gros on Les Beaux quartiers, by Philippe Ribiére.Photo2: Dai Koyamada on The story of 2 worlds. Koyamada coll.Sources: Philippe Ribiére/Schwaigerbrothers/Dai Koyamada/Nice climb/Kairn Diesen Artikel inkl. Bilder auf anschauen