Three Friday Night Videos

Informative and Entertaining. Following the very sad death of US Climber Todd Skinner and thesupposed failure of his belay loop Wild Country did a set of belayloop tests as a reassurance to everyone over their safety.You can watch the video here at And read the report here Thanks to Wild Country for that. Second, Dave Flanagan of, the bouldering in Ireland website, drew our attention to first a great article he has written about friction which is a very worthy read and answers questions like, Why don´t climbing shoes have tread?. On the same page you can download one of Dave´s short videos, filmed on old fashioned Super 8mm which was developed in Switzerland then transferred to DVD. The results are superb as is the music accompanying this climbing short. You can read about friction and chill to Dave´s film at And lastly, Chris Sharma again, this time on his route Dreamcatcher at Squamish, courtesy of Alastair Lee at Posing Productions who says, “that for spectacular climbing footage it is the dog´s bollox?”Watch it at Let´s make Friday nights a grade discussion free zone!