Time travelling?

In a recent (deleted due to the fact that I deleted the, very old as it were, news it was commenting) comment, someone asked me if I had perhaps gone time travelling on my holiday. Well… kind of, as I haven't checked any news what so ever from the “outside world” during the 15 days. I'm more or less up to date now, but I don't really have time to post any news about Ondra's trip to the UK, Jimmy Webb's 3rd and Carlo Traversi's 4th ascent of Suspension of disbelief in the Eldorado canyon, Dai's sending spree in Swizzy (it's raining a lot there, but he's making progress on The story of 2 worlds), and so on and so forth.This Wednesday, provided the ash cloud doesn't close down the airports, Dave Graham comes to Stockholm to host a couple of clinics. He'll be staying at my place, so I'm pretty sure we'll find time for a big interview. If the weather cooperates, and Dave's finger gets better, we'll go climbing as well.Stay tuned. Diesen Artikel inkl. Bilder auf UKClimbing.com anschauen