Tomaz Humar Solos Annapurna´s South Face

by Erik Lambert Alpinist has received confirmation that Tomaz Humar has summited Annapurna (8091m), crowning a four-day solo mission on its 3000-meter south face. He reached the top on October 28. Humar climbed the south face´s left side to the peak´s main summit. His exact line of ascension, which climbs in the vicinity of the unprecedented 1970 British expedition, is unconfirmed. The face remains “a testing ground for the most ambitious Himalayan climbers”; it was completed first by legends Chris Bonington, Dougal Haston and Don Whillans–“after many weeks´ effort by a team of eight climbers, supported by high-altitude Sherpas, supplying six camps along a continuous line of fixed rope,” states Himalaya Alpine-Style. Needless to say, Humar has applied a consummate, contemporary approach to one of last generation´s greatest challenges.Read the full story by Erik Lambert at ( Source: Alpinist )