Tony Howard in Cairo Jail

Tony Howard, known for developing new climbing areas in Jordan, Africa andother far flung parts of the world has landed himself ina spot of bother. Following his discovery of some potential climbing in Egypt´s far south inspring 2001, he recently returned with friends in December toexplore further into this almost unknown, but very beautiful desert mountainarea. Only one of his three previous attempts to visit this area had beensuccessful. Returning with the same agent who had obtained the permits forus inspring he eventually received the long awaited good news a week beforedeparture ´I have the permits in my hands!´ Tony reports ´We were consequently puzzled when he avoided all check pointson our way south. Nor did we stop to collect a soldier to accompany us forsecurity as we were told was necessary in the spring. Then, two days intothe desert we were tracked down by the army, arrested and sent toCairo! After a 1000-km, 15-hour drive, they were then questioned until 4am thefollowing morning, before being driven to a jail and welcomed by soldierswith bayonets! The following day broughtfurther inquisition, establishing that the group was unaware that thepermits were false. The agent had forged them from the previous ones,changing dates and adding new areas. Tony is planning another trip, this time with another guide! News thanks to Nomads Travel