Trotter Working Rhapsody (E11)

Last week planetFear got wind of the fact that Canadian Sonnie Trotter was reputed to be in the country to try Dave MacLeod´s Rhapsody at Dumbarton Rock. We did a little digging and spoke to Dave Brown of Hot Aches, who lo and behold, are filming Sonnie! Dave had the following to say: As Sonnie mentions on his blog he finally managed to gets some cheap tickets and head over to Scotland to try Rhapsody. We met Sonnie out in Canada last autumn and he was super-psyched for the route.It?s no surprise that the Hot Aches crew have been out at Dumbarton filming him and his friends for their new trad climbing movie. So the verdict? Well Rhapsody clearly isn?t the kind of route that a climber will come over and tick in a couple of days. Sonnie?s comment after two days was that ?The route is no doubt WORLD CLASS?, so it is going to be a race against time.  Sonnie working the crux moves on Rhapsody. After sessions of studying the beta round at Dave MacLeod?s house and also with Dave at the crag Sonnie has made fast progress and is looking very strong on the route. However with no skin left and more rain forecast he has moved on to Majorca for a break before returning soon. At around the same time Dave established Rhapsody last year Sonnie was succesful on Cobra Crack in Squamish. Both routes were touted as the hardest trad lines in the world, both had films made documenting their ascent, and both films won awards at festivals around the world. Perhaps somebody ought to stump up the air fare for Dave to head over to Squamish and try Cobra Crack! Sonnie Trotter being fondled by non other than Leo Houlding (Hot Aches Images)