Trouble at Mill…ers Dale – Mecca Crumbles

Steve McClure bouldering at Raven Tor – nearby to the warning signs on MeccaUKC News, Jun 2009© Keith SharplesPeak District sport climbing cognoscenti are holding their breath at the moment as Mecca F8b+, one of Raven Tor's most famous routes, enters its second week on the critical list!Twenty years after Martin Atkinson's first ascent, the starting block of his test-piece route is in grave danger of falling to bits. Climbers are currently staying off the route whilst the 'repair committee' hastily muster their thoughts and resources!A week ago the wide-grip pinch block that most Mecca-ites take as their fifth handhold was noticed as being loose. The large block that is immediately below was also judged to be in a 'critical' condition. This block is also important to the route as it provides two further handholds as well as a foot-jam. The pinch-grip block was removed for safe keeping and warning notices were posted and the starting holds taped over to keep people off the route. In its present condition Mecca is considered very definitely un-climbable as well as dangerous.Full report and photos on Keith Sharples' BlogAlso at Raven Tor – Steve McClure reports parking issues:”There has been a lot of complaints from fishermen and locals regarding parking at Raven Tor. People have even been double parking and it has been an effort to get past. There were even complaints to the police!” “It's good to see the place so busy, but it would be a shame to jeopardise climbing there. Other parking spots exist and the short jog to the crag would be a great warm up!” Diesen Artikel inkl. Bilder auf anschauen