Tyler Landman: A New Level!

Tyler Landman – North Wales 2008© Alex Messenger

Britain's Tyler Landman is no stranger to top-end bouldering, having repeated many of the world's cutting edge problems including Jade V15 in Rocky Mountain National Park, USA and Practice of the Wild V15 in Magic Wood, Switzerland.Recently however, Tyler has turned his attention to the sandstone blocs of France's Fontainebleau. He has been on an extended trip, climbing in Font since the end of January and has quickly amassed an impressive list of top-end ticks. The most recent (and perhaps most proud) was the second ascent of Sebastien Frigault's Satan I Helvete Assis, FB8C at Coquibus Longs Vaux (seen here on Bleau.info.) This problem was first climbed by Frigault back in 2005 and until now has repelled all would-be repeats. Although Landman has climbed boulders of this grade before he sees this ascent as a step forward in his personal climbing ability. After his ascent Tyler wrote on the Moonblog:”Everything I wanted to climb so far, I had climbed, quickly and smoothly. I had elevated my game to the next level and with no particular effort to do so, it had just happened. I thought about what I'd just done and how far I'd come. It felt good to be on the next level, and I looked back at what it took to get here. Thirteen years of dedication, discipline and determination. Practice really does pay off, and in this moment I was satisfied, aware of my ability to rock climb.”However this is only one of numerous top-notch ascents that Tyler has made over the last month or so. Here is a taster of some of his others:Apparement (Low Start) FB8BPartage FB8A/+Kheops Assis FB8B+/C Fata Morgana (Low Start) FB8A+Gecko Assis FB8B+Tyler also had a big day at Cuvier Rempart where he climbed five classic problems (none of which he had done or tried before) in a single session. Big Boss, Fourmis Rouge and Tristesse, all FB7C were ascended in super quick time along with Big Golden and Atresie, FB7C+ and FB8A, respectively. Although each problem is nowhere near cutting edge in its own right, anybody who has been and climbed on them will know that they are most definitely not “easy!”Ty Landman – Fontainebleau from ben pritchard on Vimeo.So with this self proclaimed move to a new level what is going to be next? Although he has seemingly been around for a long time now, Tyler is still only 18 years old and I would imagine that scarily, he has not yet reached his full potential. With a positive outlook and an obvious drive to succeed I would think that we are guaranteed to witness continued success from a climber who is undoubtedly, one of the very best boulderers in the world.Tyler Landman is supported by Moon Climbing and Five-Ten. You can stay informed about what he has been up to through his insightful posts on the Moonblog. You can view a list of Tyler's other ascents on this UKB thread.Thanks to Ben Pritchard of Slackjaw Films for allowing us to use their excellent video clip for this piece.Diesen Artikel inkl. Bilder auf UKClimbing.com anschauen