UIAA in Drugs Spat

A tiff appears to have broken out within the ranks of the UIAA, the international governing body for climbing and mountaineering. In the latest UIAA journal is an article entitled ´Viagra and other drugs at high altitude´. The article states, amongst other things that ´In the Himalayas more and more, we are seeing mountain climbers take this drug as a performance enhancing drug in climbing Everest.´. This has prompted the UIAA Competition Climbing Committee to issue a statement on their website distancing themselves from the article and emphasizing the fact that UIAA competitions are subject to strict anti-doping laws! We think that it does seem ironic that in an age where the latest one fingered ascent of Everest in a clown´s outfit balancing an egg on a spoon is reported as world wide news, and competition amongst summiteers is rife, that the use of drugs and even oxygen is perfectly acceptable by most. It would really be the equivalent of encouraging punters to take part in a world championship bouldering competition, but allowing them to use drugs to compete on a par with the professionals! Kind of… UIAA Article UIAA Competition Climbing Statement