UK Sports Body publishes Manifesto For an Active Britain

Independant sports body, the Central Council of Physical Recreation (CCPR) has published its manifesto this week, titled ´Active Britain´. The manifesto highlights the low priority given to sport in the UK. In the wake of Foot & Mouth restrictions, the report singles out outdoor sports, stating: "Country sport is worth nearly £4 billion and supports 60,000 rural jobs [… The] Government should ensure that the long term provision of rural sport and recreation is given a high priority".As a comparison, the manifesto points out that Germany invests over £8 per person in sport, France £5 per person and Britain only £1 per person, and points out that despite the fact that funding for sport is doubling over the next three years "there is a long way to go". The UK is placed 11th out of 12 in the EU league table of funding for sport. The BMC has voiced its support of the agenda, for its positive approach, and recognition of the true value of outdoor sports such as climbing. One of the specific suggestions made by the CCPR is the establishment of a full position for sport in the Cabinet Office. The full manifesto is available from the CCPR Website