UKC Alpine Articles – North Face of Les Courtes

by Jack Geldard – Editor – UKC UKC has just published three fantastic Alpine articles, concentrating on the north face of Les Courtes. In the first of the three, Gordon Smith takes us back to the mid Seventies and shares some of his Alpine adventures. An all star cast help him along – ´Dirty Alex´, ´Black Nick´, Terry ´Kingy´ King and John Bouchard amongst others. Read The North Face Races – Gordon Smith´s historical Alpine Article – HERE The second article is an information article with a photo-topo and route description as well as an account of an ascent of the Swiss Route: “One of the classic ice climbs of the Alps, tackling the ice-encrusted north face of Les Courtes, the Swiss Route is an ideal introduction to winter north face climbing…” Read the UKC Article on the North Face of Les Courtes HERE In the third article Mike C describes an ascent of the Austrian route on the north face of Les Courtes in 1980. His summit experience was blessed with a beautiful view of Mont Blanc under moonlight. With superb photography, Mike brings his ascent alive. Read Courting the Easy Way – Mike C´s historical Alpine Article – HERE Thinking of visiting the Alps and want some general advice? Read Alpine Introduction by Mountain Guide Rich Cross HERE