UKC Attend 4th ClimbWeb Conference

The member of the 4th conference held in Belgium – May 2010© Alan James, May 2010

Last weekend saw the fourth annual gathering of the International Climbing Web Network. attended the meeting and reinforced friendships and professional links with many major climbing websites across Europe.All websites involved in work closely together and share a similar ethos on climbing and on climbing journalism. Many major websites are members and the group is growing on a yearly basis.The gathering was held in Belgium, close to the crag of Freyr, and the morning discussions were followed by some limestone sport climbing in the afternoons.Topics discussed included the ClimbWeb relationship with the International Federation of Sport Climbing (IFSC) and how we propose to cooperate in our reporting of international climbing competitions, and the use of social networks and social tools within climbing specific internet media.”It was a great opportunity to swap ideas on web site content, marketing, social networking and many other aspects of running a climbing and mountaineering web site. It also gave a fascinating insight into the dynamics of different rock climbing communities across Europe and what we can learn from each other.” commented Alan James, Director of major players were in attendance including (France), (Belgium), (Germany) and (Czech Republic). The members of the network cover all corners of the globe and more information is available on the ClimbWeb Website.Articles and news items on that have been a direct result of our ClimbWeb involvement include Petrohrad – Czech Bouldering Paradise and the Nanga Parbat Film News Item.

Alan James at Freyr during the ClimbWeb Conference 2010Jack Geldard – Editor – UKC, May 2010© Jack Geldard

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