UKC TV 2 – The second instalment of UKC TV

Back in January we went live with our first UKC News Broadcast. This is our second episode and the idea is still in beta mode and the concept is still evolving, but we are getting there and are once again pleased with the results.In the second instalment of UKC TV, Editor Jack Geldard interviews Dave MacLeod and Ron Fawcett, plus takes a look at some DMM Dragon Cams and the new range of alpine rucksacks from Podsacs.Relevant links for this TV show:Dave MacLeod – Anubis AscentDave MacLeod – The TempestRon Fawcett – Soloing ArticleDMM – Dragon CamsPodsacs – New Alpine RucksacksPlasy Brenin / UKC – Alpine FestivalVIDEO: UKC TV 2  Diesen Artikel inkl. Bilder auf anschauen