UKC Users Help With New Rock Climbing Book

by Jack Geldard – Editor – UKC Forum User Gingerkate has just published a fantastic children´s book called ´Rock Climbing´.Kate had requested help and info on the UKC forums and she had a great response helping her to clarify certain facts and make sure she included all the essential info.The book is a roller-coaster of climbing facts and figures, with great photography and well researched information. Kate says: ´Rock Climbing´ is a photograph-based book, with an intended readership of older primary school children. It doesn´t attempt to teach any aspect of climbing, its aim is to show children what climbing on rock involves, in all its many varieties. The photos have been chosen to explain technical aspects, such as how leading works (many by Nick Smith), and to showcase some of the world´s most impressive climbers as they push themselves to their limits. Photos include Dave MacLeod on Rhapsody (Cubby Images), Steve McClure on Overshadow (the famous bat-hang, Keith Sharples) and a stunning image of the Nose, El Capitan, taken by Chris Dainton. My personal favourite is the Josh Lowell image of Lisa Rands on Gaia: Lisa´s human vulnerability and cool precision faced with that unforgiving rock is unforgettable. Kate has just completed an excellent article for UKC: The Eiger Nordwand Revealed: Rainer Rettner Interview Congratulations to Kate from all at UKC – best of luck with the book and any future projects.