UKC'er Wins Outdoor Photography Mag Competition registered user Duncan Andison has won the World View category in Outdoor Photography magazines'Outdoor Photographer of the Year competition with a landscape photograph taken whilst climbing Triglav in the Julian Alps, Slovenia's tallest mountain.Duncan woke early, as all good photographers and climbers do, and left the Triglavski dom (mountain hut) to be greeted with this view.

The wide angle shot of the view taken on the way to the summit of Triglav: boxed out is the section Duncan zoomed into.UKC News, Jan 2011© Duncan Andison

The black rectangle shows the part of the horizon that Duncan picked out with his zoom.Here is Duncan's winning shot.

The winning image of the World View category: Misty Dawn in Slovenia – Taken from the Summit of TriglavUKC News, Jan 2011© Duncan Andison

Duncan took the shot with a Canon 5D MkII using a Canon EF 100-400m L lens at 310mm, ISO 100, 1/320sec at f/8, handheld.Duncan said, 'It required little to no adjusting at all, not even any sharpening. It also gives an idea as to how useful a long lens can be when you are out and about.'Duncan lives in Newcastle and got into photography about 2 years ago. This was the first competition he has entered.'I've still got a long way to go but that's what I love, it's a bit like climbing, you can keep pushing yourself harder and harder to find new limits and ultimately, there is always a new challenge awaiting.It should also be said that UKC's top ten galleries were my inspiration, the mixture of mountaineering and landscape shots are superb and really push you on to better yourself.'To see more of Duncan's work check out his UKC gallery and his website: Duncan's winning shot also graced the cover of this months Outdoor Photography magazines' Outdoor Photographer of the Year supplement.You can see all the other winners of Outdoor Photography magazines' Outdoor Photographer of the Year at of Duncan's work below.

Lone Rock Scrambler (North Ridge up Triglav in Slovenia)© Duncan_Andison, Jul 2010
Sunset over Clachtoll Bay North West Highlands of Scotland© Duncan_Andison, Oct 2010
Alpine feel to Aonach Beag© Duncan_Andison, Feb 2010
Sunset over Elgol Bay© Duncan_Andison, Sep 2010

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