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Love it or hate it, you can't really ignore it! Facebook seems to have become the ubiquitous networking site for many people these days and that includes a lot of the users of Luckily Facebook is also a really intelligent and well-run site which makes it easy for community sites like UKC to integrate with it.The new Facebook page now has all our latest news items, articles and reviews posted on it. If you become a 'fan' of the page you can have these notifications appear direct onto your own Facebook profile so that you keep up to date with everything happening on UKC. Most experienced Facebook user will know how to become a fan of the UKC page, but for those less familiar just locate the 'Become a Fan' link.Visit the Facebook page – Climbing ApplicationIt gets better though! We have also developed a clever little Facebook Application called Climbing. By adding this 'App' to your Facebook profile you can have a new tab appear called 'Climbing'. Under the tab is a lot of data taken from your UKC Profile including your latest Logbook entries, your latest photo gallery uploads and links to your climbing partners pages, plus your profile information.To add the Climbing Application to your Facebook profile:.Make sure you are logged onto UKC and Facebook.Go to the Climbing Application page.Click on the blue 'Go to Application' button in the top left corner.'Allow' access and confirm a couple more questions to complete the procedure of adding the application.The tab isn't added automatically, you need to add it yourself by clicking on the + icon on your own profile. This is explained in more detail on the Climbing Application page once you have added the app. Diesen Artikel inkl. Bilder auf anschauen