– Record Month and New Forum

January 2010 has been a record month for and to celebrate, we are setting up a new Bouldering Forum.We welcomed our 50,000th registered user to the site. Unfortunately, due to our policy of expiring old unused registration each day, the actual total goes up and down and there are probably two or three people who can claim to be the fifty thousandth user. As I write this it currently stands at 50,026 registered users at Only five years ago the total was just 16,000.The home page received 523,000 visits during the month, and we had over 180,000 unique visitors across the site – both records.The Forums were also in record breaking mood with a record number of topics – 1,550; a record number of different people posting – 2,325; and the most users ever reading the forums at the same moment – 636.This month we look set to record the ONE MILLIONTH ascent in the UKC Logbooks system. Keep an eye on the News Page since we will be giving a prize to the person who ticks the million!New Bouldering ForumWith the forums becoming even more popular, it makes sense to diversify a little more so we are adding a new Bouldering Forum to the current list. Bouldering topics used to reside in ROCKTALK but now they will have their own home. Technical guru Nick Smith has done a search of old threads to try and pre-populate the forum.To launch the new forum we are having a Bouldering Double Bill in the Friday Night Video slot this week – have a look at 4pm.New Home PageMore changes are afoot next week when we will be launching the new UKC Home Page. This will be done in conjunction with a lot of other small changes across the site as a whole. Diesen Artikel inkl. Bilder auf anschauen