USA Pusher Bouldering Open Results

Brits Malcolm Smith, Claire Murphy, and Naomi Guy have shown their class in the Pusher Open bouldering competition held over the last two days in Salt Lake City, USA. After the qualification round, Naomi Guy held 5th place, with Claire Murphy in 6th. Malcolm Smith came though in 2nd place, with Chris Sharma in the lead. The top men maintained their positions in the final, with Naomi and Claire both slipping to 8th and 13th places respecively, behind a very strong female line-up.For more informaiton goto the PCA website, or climbXmedia

Men 1. Chris Sharma 2. Malcolm Smith 3. Stephane Julien 4. Jerome Meyer 5. Joel Brady 6. Tommy Caldwell 7. Timmy Fairfield 8. Dave Struthers 9. Jon Stack 10. Rob D´Anastansio 11. Mathew Sagal 12. Obe Carrion 13. Ethan Pringle 14. Doug Ayers 15. Jason Kehl16. Luke Parady 17. Zak Farmer 18. Tyson Atwell 19. GP salvo 20. Dave Graham 21. Steven Jeffery22. Rob Mulligan 23. Sean Mcoll 24. Fred Noe 25. Seth Mason Women 1 Myriam Motteau 2 Liv Sansoz 3 Lisa Rands 4 Tori Allen5 Angela Payne 6 Elana Ovchinnikova 7 Lizzy Asher 8 Naomi Guy 9 Pam Winberg 10 Brandi Mulligan 11 Alisa Holden 12 Lauren Lee13 Claire Murphy 14 Elizabeth Harwick 15 Marea Palmer 16 Stephanie Forte 17 Carley Schaffer 18 Kisten Dockstader 19 Olga Bibik 20 Melissa Griffith 21 Portia Menlove 22 Robyn Puro 23 Kieko Usami 24 Shawna Jacoby 25 Megan Emmons 26 Jennifer Le Marie