Vertical Magazine – English Edition

by Mick Ryan Vertical magazine – English edition The French Vertical magazine was one of the most influential climbing magazines of the 80´s when it presided over and influenced where and what climbers climbed, and what they wore. Superbly stylish, at times pretentious, a bit laddish with its half-naked model climber chicks and chaps but always good to look at. The photography was always very impressive and inspirational. The only problem was it was in French, although that didn´t stop many buying it just for the pics. Vertical magazine has now been resurrected as the first European climbing magazine. The new Vertical magazine is published six times a year in four editions; English, German, Italian and French and costs £3.75. Chamonix mountain guide Neil Brodie is the English editor (Neil´s web page).We managed to grab hold of some copies and have three to give away. All you have to do is answer this question: Which French climber was known as Le Blonde? Email your answer to Aha! There´s a catch. If you win a magazine (they´ll be sent out Monday/Tuesday) you have to review this first issue and post your review on the forums at Oh if you want to check out Le Blonde climbing, point your browser at this link