VIDEO: Adam Ondra Doesn't Win At Brno World Cup

Adam OndraUKC News, Oct 2009© Philippe Maurel /

Ondra In Foot-Slip-Shocker:Unnamed source says “He might be human.”Adam Ondra has so far dominated the 2009 World Cup series with a string of impressive wins at several of the competitions. He was hotly tipped to excel last week at Brno in the Czech republic, in front of local fans.However the super-climber from the Czech republic shocked his home crowd by… yes you guessed it …not winning. Ondra's foot slipped just a few clips from the top of the semi-final route and the youngster placed 11th in the Brno round. Luckily he has won almost all the other rounds so far and is still placed in first position overall.The winner of the Brno World Cup round was Austrian teenager Jakob Schubert.There are two World climbing competitions; the World Championships, which is a one off annual event and was won in June by Patxi Usobiaga, and the World Cup, which is a series of competitions hosted at several venues.Climbers in the World Cup can win individual rounds (such as the recent Brno round) but it is their overall score in the whole series that decides who will be the World Cup winner.We have two videos below of Adam Ondra and Thomas Mrazek on the same semi-final route. More videos of this and the finals can be found on the excellent Czech website: final round of the World Cup 2009 is this week and will be held in Kranj, Slovenia. Currently leading in first place are Adam Ondra and Joahanna Ernst. Both competitors have their work cut out to keep their first position with Maja Vidmar just a hair's breadth behind in the women's competition and the highly trained and focussed Patxi Usobiaga coming up fast behind Ondra in the men's. Vidmar is a Slovenian local and will be fighting hard to win this week on home turf.UKC will post the full results after the competition.VIDEO: Adam Ondra falls in the Brno World Cup Semi Finals:VIDEO: Thomas Mrazek in the Brno World Cup Semi Finals: Diesen Artikel inkl. Bilder auf anschauen