VIDEO: Adam Ondra, the movie

For more than a year now, Czech film maker Petr Pavlíček has been gathering material for his film about Adam Ondra:”Having spent a whole year of filming together, travelling tens of thousands of kilometres into various rock climbing destinations, never ending days and weeks of waiting for the perfect weather conditions, ideal fitness or a bit of luck, I now know that the time of collecting material is at an end. The second stage is ahead, which is editing almost one hundred hours of shots and moments into a film. This stage is even more difficult than the actual filming in the verticals. If everything goes well, it will take about five months. We will keep you up to date on the progress of the film through articles, interviews and video clips.I managed to shoot a lot of interesting moments of Adam's life in that year. On the rocks as well as away from them. I got to know him not only as a phenomenal climber, but mainly as a person. For me personally, this is the more interesting part of this story! It is because I do not know many such strong people as this young man Adam Ondra.”In terms of hard climbing, this movie will certainly be second to none, with roughly 10 routes in the 9a-9b range, as well as 8B+ bouldering and super hard projects (yes, there are actually a couple of lines Adam hasn't done yet!).Here's the trailer. Enjoy! Diesen Artikel inkl. Bilder auf anschauen