[VIDEO] Barbara Zangerl climbing Super Cirill (8a)

Bouldering, sport, trad, multi-pitch—if it's rock, Barbara Zangerl crushes it. Though she calls Austria home, more often than not she's on the road throughout Europe and beyond, hunting down her next climbing challenge. A recent trip to Ticino, Switzerland had her going to battle on Super Cirill, a nine-pitch crack line stacked with difficult 8a climbing.


We sent filmmaker Bernardo Gimenez down there with her and he returned with this great video that showcases both the demanding nature of the route as well as Babsi’s laid-back approach to life.

A clip from this video was featured as part of our Rock Climbing 2012 digital catalog. Loaded with stunning images, captivating videos, and narrated slideshows, Rock Climbing 2012 is all about travel—the places, the people, the culture, the transportation, the gear, the lifestyle, and, of course, the climbing.

Get ready for a global roadtrip because Rock Climbing 2012 is going to carry you from Kyrgyzstan to Spain to Malta to Venezuela with a host of Black Diamond climbing athletes, including Adam Ondra, Alex Honnold, Nico Favresse, Sonnie Trotter, Barbara Zangerl, Nalle Hukkataival and Tommy Caldwell (to name but a few).

Check out it out here: catalog.blackdiamondequipment.com

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