[VIDEO] Beaux à Bleau – David Firnenburg in Fontainebleau

David Firnenburg is currently in Fontainebleau again and he thought why not putting up a little video again from his last trip earlier this year. David is bouldering a lot and his skin isn't so good. In Font he always has bad skin. It feels like it isn't regrowing, he just ripps off more and more. Well, this is the only thing right now which isn't working so well.

David Firnenburg writes:

Yesterday I've sent Big Dragon (8A) at Petit Bois, a small but beautiful spot. In November last year I teamed up with my British boulder buddy Nathan Phillips to give it a try. When I slipped off the spiky sloper while going for the top jug I ripped the worst flapper on my right index finger I've ever had in my climbing life. That was such an awful moment. That day we concluded: Fontainebleau bites back! This is why I had to rest for more than one week.

Yesterday it went down like it would have been nothing hard, like an ordinary medium hard problem You tick on Your way through the area. But it was much more in my mind. I came over the trauma and finished something I thought I would never try again. But I felt like I can't just leave it there unrepeated because it's such a must-do in Font.

In the movie "Between the trees" featuring Ty Landman he determines with a proud smile after his repetition "One problem ticked. One problem erased". This is exactly how I feel now. Onto the next one on the tick list. Enjoy the little video above!

More days to come. Hope the weather will be fine!?

Cheers David 😉

QuelleFirnenburgbrothers.com (YouTube User)