VIDEO: Iker Pou Climbing Demencia Senil (9a+)

In January Iker Pou made the second ascent of Chris Sharma's desperate route from 2009 – Demencia Senil, 9a+, at Margalef, to the north west of Barcelona in Spain. The route is in the incredibly steep Laboratory sector at Margalef and features intensely steep pocket-pulling involving numerous moves on monos and is so savage that Adam Ondra injured his tendons on it! The first ascent was reported here on video shows Iker Pou's ascent and captures brilliantly the intensity and power now required to climb at this level. Iker even confessed to having to train indoors to get the required level of fitness for the ascent!Read more in Bjorn Pohl's interview on his blog TheLowDown (translated by Cedric Larcher of Diesen Artikel inkl. Bilder auf anschauen