[VIDEO] Mina Leslie-Wujastyk in Midnight Lightning (V8)

Was soll man zu diesem Boulderproblem mitten im Camp 4 des Yosemite National Parks noch sagen? Kult, Kult, Kult! Und gerade deswegen ist es immer wieder schön, das Video einer Begehung zu sehen und wenn es dann auch noch mal zur Abwechslung eine Damenbegehung ist, dann schaut man(n) nochmal so gerne hin.

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My third attempt at the world's most famous boulder problem and I managed to find myself atop the Columbia Boulder at Camp 4. Bouldering doesn't get much better than this-powerful basic climbing on good edges brings you to the infamous mantle, the place where I fell on my second go.

After that attempt I wasn't sure I could do it but next go I changed the position of my left foot, pointed my fingers to the floor, elbow to the wall and pressed out of the 'Daddy long legs in a thimble' position!

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